Proof of Concept (PoC)

Each project requires proper verification of the idea at an early stage. As part of best practice and our many years of experience with particularly complex and innovative projects, we recommend our clients to start at the Proof of Concept (PoC) stage. The larger the scale of the project and its final advancement, the more the need to verify whether the solution to be implemented will ultimately meet the assumed objectives increases.

PoC services are usually limited to a smaller area, pilot versions of the project that are supposed to present the possibilities and benefits that can be potentially brought by the implementation of the solution in its full version. This makes it cheaper and faster to demonstrate the validity of a business idea.

How we do it?


Identification of requirements, meeting or workshop

We value contact with potential clients, preliminary analysis of needs names for the right good of our services.


Present concept of the solution

After the initial analysis, there is time for a preparation of the highlevel concept of the solution, which becomes a basis fundamental for the Application Growth and will evaluate later


Cooperation proposal

The proof of concept is an introduction to the offer of detailed product design
and build.


Product development and maintenance

Last but not least is the process of building the solution followed by Agile methodologies which ends with the product handover or maintenance.