Tailor-made processes

Overcoming resistance to change is often one of the biggest challenges for those pursuing continuous improvement. Business nowadays demand constant adaptation to ever changing environments and conditions posed by customers and the competition; as change is the only constant. That’s due to the fact that there are no two identical projects, just as there are no two identical customers. And there are simply many stimuli for change; new technologies, new sales opportunities, changes in product portfolios, launches into new markets, or simply reorganizing the way projects are run.

We help organizations through the difficult stages of transformation of management and thinking, as well as adapting to the countless methods, standards, and certificates on the market in the field of Project Management. We create tailor-made processes while being mindful of those who will use them everyday.

Software Development

Agile software development is an umbrella term for a set of frameworks and practices based on the values...

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Product Design

Using the best practices, we will help you correctly select the features of your product and its architecture....

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Proof of Concept

Each project requires proper verification of the idea at an early stage. As part of best practice and our many years of experience...

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oftware prototyping provides an understanding of the software's functions and potential threats or issues....

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Cloud migration. What does it mean? Cloud migration is the process of moving digital assets...

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Technology Stack

The tools and technologies selected as part of a company’s core tech stack will heavily impact that company’s ability...

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How we do it?


Identification of requirements, meeting or teleconference

We value contact with potential clients, preliminary analysis of needs names for the right good of our services.



After the initial analysis, there is time for a detailed audit of the organization’s maturity and Project Management processes. We provide a report with the risk assessment of proposed changes.


Cooperation proposal

The assessment report is an introduction to the offer of process optimization and/or tailor-made trainings.


Consulting and change management

The last step is to support, stabilize and maintain the organization’s transformations that have taken place.