Technology Stack

Tech stacks can change frequently based on changing technology needs, and many companies will allow their software engineers input into designing the company tech stack. The stack can also include supplemental technologies for testing, analytics, and CRMs. Companies may have slightly different tech stacks for web development and mobile development.

Our engineers will help you make this decision, we support:

  • Frontend (AngularJS, node.js,JavaScript, HTML 5, CSS 3)
  • Backend (Java, .NET, PHP, Python)
  • Database (My SQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, noSQL)
  • Cloud Azure, AWS, GCP
  • Automation testing
  • CI/CD ( Jankins,Maven, GitLab, Bitbucket, Github, Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible)

The tools and technologies selected as part of a company’s core tech stack will heavily impact that company’s ability to develop and deploy code quickly and to scale seamlessly. It’s crucial to choose a tech stack with technologies that have smooth integrations and a large open-source community so that your development team will be able to draw on others’ knowledge when writing code.

How we do it?


Identification of requirements, meeting or workshop

We value contact with potential clients, preliminary analysis of needs names for the right good of our services.


Present concept of the solution

After the initial analysis, there is time for a preparation of the highlevel concept of the solution, which becomes a basis fundamental for the Application Growth and will evaluate later.


Cooperation proposal

The proof of concept is an introduction to the offer of detailed product design

and build.


Product development and maintenance

Last but not least is the process of building the solution followed by Agile methodologies which ends with the product handover or maintenance.